22. Something happened a few days ago. It was my own business. I should solve it myself. But my father took the car for more than 4 hours without a word, and he didn't know the way was coming. It's settled. I'll have dinner with my father in the evening. My father said he would leave early the next morning. While eating, I texted and chatted with my mother. My mother said, "how do you stay with him!" 23. When I was young, I didn't know how to speak. I was impatient to talk to my parents. One day, a letter from my mother was included in the textbook. It said, "daughter, my mother is old, I can't remember that station when I watch TV. I often forget how to sing when I love singing. I always have to say it so many times when I want to speak. Can you be more patient and pleasant, just like you When I was a child, I couldn't do anything. My mother taught you the same. " At that time, I was in class. I couldn't help but cry. Now I feel sad when I think about it. My mother was so aggrieved at that time. I am too ignorant. 24. I had a headache last night. I washed my clothes on my hands and asked my son to find me some medicine. My three-and-a-half-year-old son found the medicine (I often have a headache, he knows fenbide), and looked for water everywhere. The water dispenser is empty, and he dare not let him pour the boiled water. He actually found half of the water in my water cup. He quickly put the medicine in my mouth and fed me, and accidentally poured the water on my face. My son looked down at me, his face was full of concern, and my heart was broken. My little son, because I am not in good health, I am more sensible than other people's children, and I have learned to do many things well.